Pain On Intercourse

August 26th, 2013

As many as 50% of women will experience pain on intercourse during their lives. The problem is normally caused by a dry vagina, muscle spasms or just an extra large penis.

"pain on intercourse"But if the pain goes on for years, as happened with one lady on Embarrassing Bodies, a visit to a consultant gynaecologist to examine the position of her womb was undertaken.

Some women may have a tilted uterus so it hangs backwards and sometimes even bent over (retrograde and retroverted), making it in a completely opposite position to the standard configuration. It can happen naturally or as the result of a pelvic infection. To correct the problem and hopefully stop any further pain on intercourse, an operation can be performed to pull the uterus back into position and stitch it firmly in place by securing it to the external wall of the stomach.

The operation can be done through a laparoscopy, keyhole surgery through a tiny hole near the belly button. A telescopic camera is inserted to assess the situation. In the case of the woman followed by the programme, underneath the womb, scarring ‘seeds’ were seen which are the result of chlamidya or some other pelvic infection. One in nine of us have had an STI of this nature and, if they go untreated, this is the type of complication that can result. It can affect fertility because the fallopian tubes can also be affected by the infection and become damaged.

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    Muscle spams can be quite annoying. I would usually take OTC pain killers to manage it. Some light stretching would also do some great stuff on muscle spasms.”;,*,

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