Kegel Balls – Lelo Luna Beads

March 24th, 2013

"kegel-balls"When I asked for some Kegel balls, the lovely people at Stress No More sent me a set of Lelo Luna Beads.

Lelo are the manufacturers of some of the world’s most beautiful vibrators and pleasure objects so to discover that they had turned their hand to the epitome of feminine sexuality was a joy… as was their product.

Beautifully sculpted, these geisha balls allow you to exercise your vaginal walls whilst simultaneously deriving stimulation.

According to the blurb: The Luna bead system is a combined pleasure and exercise system for the circum vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. By marrying incremental resistance with a movement-induced subtle kinetic vibe, Luna beads faciliate more efficient and pleasurable Kegel-exercising.

There are four balls, each measuring 36mm in diameter and made of ABS silicone, two pink ones weighing 28g and two blue at 37g with a hygienic retraction leash for safe and easy removal.

You can mix and match according to your ability to hold onto them so if you are only able to use one of the 28g ball, it should be the foundation bead – that’s the one with the white retraction leash. If you’re able to manage two, you use the specially-designed girdle, threading the foundation bead through the hole and marrying up the guidelines to ensure it is securely in place.

To insert, lube up the leading end of the bead with a water-based product, lie on your back and introduce the leading into into your vagina with a firm but gentle push. Alternatively, you can stick one foot on the bed like I did. Using two beads was rather weird as your bits try to push the first one out whilst you’re trying to insert the second but just take a deep breath and relax. Remember, to insert the bead with the retraction leash last!

They should be positioned so that the lower edge of the foundation bead is 2cms above your pelvic floor muscle with the retraction leash protruding from your vagina.

Beginners may find that the beads start to slip out after only a few minutes but, the more you use them, the easier they become to retain. The idea is to keep them in for 30 minutes whilst you walk, run or move about. This motion causes a kinetic vibe which stimulates the vaginal muscles, whilst gravity will bring about spontaneous pubococcygeus muscle contractions as the muscles try to prevent the beads from falling out.

The ideal way to multi-task when it comes to exercising and having a good time.

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  1. Amanda says:

    These Luna Beads are absolutely divine. Not only am I much tighter down there, the orgasms are also getting stronger and sex is just more pleasurable for both my husband and myself.

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